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Course Outline Physics 762 Plasma Physics II: Topics in Kinetic and Nonlinear Plasma Theory 1. The Kinetic Theory of Waves and Wave-particle interactions (a) Vlasov treatment of plasma waves and Landau damping (b) Thermal fluctuations (c) Evolution of a beam plasma system: quasilinear theory (d) Evolution of a beam plasma system: particle trapping (e) The standard map 2. Particle Motion and Waves in Magnetized Plasma (a) Particle orbits and adiabatic invariants in a magnetized plasma (b) High frequency waves (c) Double adiabatic theory (d) Fluid and kinetic treatment of the firehose instability 3. Nonlinear waves/structures (a) Nonlinear sound waves: KDV equation and solitons
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Unformatted text preview: (b) Shocks: Rankine Hugoniot Conditions 4. Wave-wave interactions (a) Raman and decay instabilities: parametric excitation of waves (b) Plasmon-sound wave interactions: the Zakharov equations and wave col-lapse 5. Navier-Stokes turbulence and dissipation processes (a) Kelvin Helmholtz instability (b) Invariants, cascade processes and scaling laws (c) Intermittancy 6. MHD Turbulence and dissipation (a) Magnetic reconnection: linear, Sweet-Parker and Petschek theory (b) Invariants, cascade processes and scaling laws (c) Dynamo: stretch, twist, fold and the turbulent dynamo...
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