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Homework #9 — PHYS 623 — Spring 2011 Due Monday, May-2-2011 at 10:00 a.m. in class Professor Victor Galitski Office: 2330 Physics Class web-page: http://terpconnect.umd.edu/ galitski/PHYS623/ . Write clearly your name and the homework number and staple the pages together. Teaching Assistants: Meng Cheng; Office: PHS2113, Tel: 301.405.7299 , Email: [email protected] Joe Mitchell; Office: PHS3117, Tel: 405.301.2659, Email: [email protected] Textbooks: J. J. Sakurai and J. J. Napolitano, “Modern Quantum Mechanics” L. D. Landau and L. M. Lifshitz, Vol. III: “Quantum Mechanics Non-Relativistic Theory” Approximations in the phase theory of scattering 1. Determine the phase-shift, δ 0 ( k ), for s -wave scattering of slow particles ( k 0) in the potential, U ( r ) =
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