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Physics 751 Fall 2011 Problem Set #4 Due: 29 Sept. Please box your final answers. Do the recommended reading. Bettini 1.23, 1.25 If a sampling calorimeter has a resolution of σ E E = 0.8 GeV 1/2 E , (approximately) what must be the number of charged particles produced in the shower that contribute detectable signal? Write your answer as a function of E. Pick an experiment. Find a paper or a web page describing the apparatus. List the different types of subdetectors contained in the apparatus and what each is used for (for example: to measure the component of momentum of the charged particles transverse to the beam axis) The magnetic field that can be obtained in currently available superconducting
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Unformatted text preview: magnets is about 6 Tesla. Assume an accelerator that follows the earth’s equator. What is the maximum beam energy for protons in such a machine? • Consider two lenses of focal length f, one focusing, and the other defocusing. Show that the combination of the two lenses separated by a distance, d, with d<f, is always focusing, independent of whether the focusing or defocusing lens comes first. This is equivalent to showing that a quadrupole doublet with focusing and defocusing planes rotated by 90 degrees will have a net focusing effect. Hint: use the thing lens approximation and your favorite optics textbook (e.g. Hecht)...
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