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Physics 751 Fall 2011 Problem Set #10 Due: 10 Nov. Please box your final answers. Do the recommended reading. a detailed outline of your paper is due A particle’s rapidity is defined Y = 1 2 ln( E + P L E P L ) , where P L is the component of momentum along the beam axis. Pseudorapidity is defined η = ln(tan( θ 2 )) where is the polar angle defined by the beam direction.
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Unformatted text preview: Write down an equation relating rapidity and pseudorapidity. Show that rapidity and pseudorapidity are equal for massless particles. Also, how are the measured values of rapidity related for two frames that are moving with a relative velocity β , along the beam axis. • H&M 8.6, 8.11, 9.4,9.6...
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