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154-HW5 - screen length for 3.0 Mev α-particle incident on...

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OEM154 Nanophotonic Materials Analysis Homework #5 (due Nov. 3, 2011) 1. For 2.0 MeV He ions scattered at 170°. Draw the backscattering spectrum for the following cases. (a) A sample of silicon with a very thin layer of gold. (b) A sample of gold with a very thin layer of silicon. 2. (a) Use equation (8) of lecture #4 to evaluate dE/dx in eV/Å, for 1.0 MeV He ions in silicon. (b) Evaluate dE/dx in eV/Å for 4 MeV carbon ions in silicon. 3. Use the equation on page 40 of lecture #4, calculate the Thomas-Fermi
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Unformatted text preview: screen length for 3.0 Mev α-particle incident on silver thin foil. 4. The range of a particle traveling inside a solid can be expressed in the following equation, ܴ ൌ ெ భ ௓ భ మ ܨሺݒሻ , where F(v) is a scaling function that depends on velocity only. (See for example, Figure 1 of lecture #4). If we assume that 1 MeV α-particle has a range of 5 μ m in silicon, what is the range of 250 keV proton in silicon....
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