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OEM154 Nanophotonic Materials Analysis Homework #4 (due Oct. 27, 2011) 1. Start from equation (30) on page 42 of lecture #3 and for Coulomb interaction, V(r) = Z 1 Z 2 e 2 /r, show that the critical angle has the following form, P b C 2 ) 2 tan( 2. Start with equation (33), show that when m 2 >> m 1 , equation (33) reduces to equation (34). 3. A beam of 2 MeV
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Unformatted text preview: α particles is incident on a silver foil 10-6 cm thick. Assume Rutherford scattering, find the following parameters: (a) the distance of closest approach(head-on collision), (b) The impact parameter for 90° scattered α particles. (c) What fraction of the incident ions will be backscattered at angles of more than 90°?...
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