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1745 - ∙Begins study of law in Williamsburg under George...

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1745∙Jefferson family moves fifty miles from Shadwell to take up residence at Tuckahoe  1752 ∙Jefferson family returns to Shadwell; Jefferson takes up classical languages under  care of Scottish Reverend William Douglas  1754∙Peter Jefferson accedes to the Virginia House of Burgesses as a representative of  Albermarle County  August 17, 1757∙Peter Jefferson dies at age forty-nine, leaving young Jefferson as family  patriarch  March 1760∙Enters College of William and Mary at Williamsburg, Virginia; befriends  Patrick Henry  March 1762∙Graduates from the College of William and Mary 
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Unformatted text preview: April 25, 1762∙Begins study of law in Williamsburg under George Wythe 1763 ∙ Begins dining in the company of Williamsburg's leading intellectuals 1764 ∙Begins to keep a regular reading journal October 1, 1765 ∙ Eldest sister Jane dies at age twenty-five May 1766 ∙Travels to New York, stopping at Annapolis and Philadelphia en route February 12, 1767 ∙ Receives first legal fee after handling case in General Court of Virginia May 18, 1768 ∙Begins to clear land for construction of Monticello...
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