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Unformatted text preview: Aaron Burr - Aaron Burr was a powerful Democratic-Republican politician from New York who served as Vice President under Jefferson from 1801-1805. After assassinating Alexander Hamilton in a duel, Burr fled south, where he conspired in an elaborate secessionist plot in the Louisiana Territory. Eventually, Jefferson caught wind of the plot and brought Burr to trial for treason. Burr was later cleared of all charges by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, and fled to Europe, returning shortly thereafter to live out the rest of his life in obscurity as a provincial New York State attorney. John C. Calhoun - John C. Calhoun, a longtime Congressman from South Carolina, was a staunch advocate of states rights through nullification as outlined by Jefferson in the Kentucky Resolutions. After serving as vice president under Andrew Jackson, Calhoun Kentucky Resolutions....
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