June 6 - February-June 1787 ∙Makes tour of southern...

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June 6, 1783 ∙Jefferson elected to Congress  September 3, 1783 ∙Treaty of Paris signed between America and England, officially  ending Revolutionary War  March 12, 1784 ∙Elected chairman of Congress and effective head of United States  Government  April 1784 ∙Writes  Notes on the Establishment of a Money Unit and Coinage for the  United States May 7, 1784 ∙Appointed to serve as foreign minister based in Paris  May-June 1784 ∙Tours New England with daughter Martha  June-August 1784 ∙Sails for Paris with daughter Martha  August 6, 1784 ∙Arrives in Paris  November 17, 1784 ∙Youngest daughter, the second Lucy Elizabeth, dies  March 10, 1785 ∙ Jefferson appointed chief minister to France  January 16, 1786 ∙ Virginia Assembly adopts Jefferson's  Statute of Virginia for Religious  Freedom March 1, 1786 ∙ Jefferson and John Adams make unsuccessful attempt to negotiate  trade treaties with England 
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Unformatted text preview: February-June 1787 ∙Makes tour of southern France and northern Italy July 29, 1787 ∙Other remaining daughter, Maria, joins Jefferson and daughter Martha in Paris October 12, 1787 ∙Re-elected minister to France for a three-year term July 2, 1788∙The Constitution of the United States is declared ratified April 30, 1789 ∙George Washington and John Adams inaugurated President and Vice President, respectively, in New York July 14, 1789 ∙Bastille Day; French Revolution begins September 26, 1789 ∙Appointed Secretary of State October 22, 1789 ∙Jefferson departs from Paris for a leave of absence in the United States November 23, 1789 ∙Docks at Norfolk, Virginia and learns of his appointment as Secretary of State February 23, 1790 ∙Daughter Martha married to Thomas Mann Randolph in ceremony at Monticello...
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