June 6 - February-June 1787 Makes tour of southern France...

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June 6, 1783 ∙Jefferson elected to Congress  September 3, 1783 ∙Treaty of Paris signed between America and England, officially  ending Revolutionary War  March 12, 1784 ∙Elected chairman of Congress and effective head of United States  Government  April 1784 ∙Writes  Notes on the Establishment of a Money Unit and Coinage for the  United States May 7, 1784 ∙Appointed to serve as foreign minister based in Paris  May-June 1784 ∙Tours New England with daughter Martha  June-August 1784 ∙Sails for Paris with daughter Martha  August 6, 1784 ∙Arrives in Paris  November 17, 1784 ∙Youngest daughter, the second Lucy Elizabeth, dies  March 10, 1785 ∙ Jefferson appointed chief minister to France  January 16, 1786 ∙ Virginia Assembly adopts Jefferson's  Statute of Virginia for Religious  Freedom March 1, 1786 ∙ Jefferson and John Adams make unsuccessful attempt to negotiate  trade treaties with England 
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Unformatted text preview: February-June 1787 Makes tour of southern France and northern Italy July 29, 1787 Other remaining daughter, Maria, joins Jefferson and daughter Martha in Paris October 12, 1787 Re-elected minister to France for a three-year term July 2, 1788The Constitution of the United States is declared ratified April 30, 1789 George Washington and John Adams inaugurated President and Vice President, respectively, in New York July 14, 1789 Bastille Day; French Revolution begins September 26, 1789 Appointed Secretary of State October 22, 1789 Jefferson departs from Paris for a leave of absence in the United States November 23, 1789 Docks at Norfolk, Virginia and learns of his appointment as Secretary of State February 23, 1790 Daughter Martha married to Thomas Mann Randolph in ceremony at Monticello...
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