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Apart from Abraham Lincoln

Apart from Abraham Lincoln - Apart from Abraham Lincoln...

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Unformatted text preview: Apart from Abraham Lincoln, more has been said and written about Thomas Jefferson than about any other American President. Although Washingtons monument stands taller in the national capital, the monuments to Lincoln and Jefferson loom much larger. As ideological bastions to the modern-day Republican and Democratic parties, respectively, they endure as much fuller and ultimately grander testaments to their subjects, and welcome millions of visitors each year to a seemingly unassailable atmosphere of American grandeur. These are the monuments. And then there are the men. Lincoln, so widely venerated for his service to the nation in a time of war, had a very discrete, though not fully discreet, tenure as a statesman. A local lawyer and politician of some influence in his adopted home state of Illinois, Lincolns rise to widespread prominence was relatively rapid, and the national spotlight was his for less than a...
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