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As a frontier youth of sorts

As a frontier youth of sorts - Americans declared their...

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As a frontier youth of sorts, Jefferson had a clear sense of the vast American canvas  that the several European powers were struggling to control. The British did much to  advance their claims in America with a victory in the Seven Years War, but incurred  severe debts in the process. With a floundering enterprise in India also depleting  finances, the British turned to the American colonies in hopes of generating much- needed revenues via taxation. Such presumption on the part of Parliament was not well received in the American  colonies, and before long a few strains of dissent had smoldered into an outright  rebellion. The Revolutionary War was ultimately a success for the American rebels, but  only on the strength of overwhelming military aid provided by France. In fact, while the 
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Unformatted text preview: Americans declared their independence in 1776, and officially established it in 1783, they were essentially beholden to the larger European powers during the first several decades of their existence as a sovereign nation. Distrustful of a powerful central government, the United States originally organized themselves according to a weak federal plan under the Articles of Confederation. This approach was quickly shown to be inadequate, and a re-organization occurred under the Constitution, ratified in 1788. The first two Presidents, George Washington and John Adams, proceeded with an eye to consolidating federal power under a strong executive branch of government....
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  • Fall '08
  • womer
  • European powers, powerful central government, vast American canvas, overwhelming military aid, larger European powers, weak federal plan

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