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June 26 - June 7 1776 ∙Richard Henry Lee introduces...

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June 26, 1775 ∙Contributes to adopted resolution "An Address on the Causes of Taking  Up Arms"  August 1775 ∙Congress adjourns; Jefferson returns to Virginia to attend convention there  August 23, 1775∙King George III declares colonies to be in open rebellion against Great  Britain  September 1775 ∙Second daughter Jane Randolph Jefferson dies at age three  September 26, 1775∙Appointed commander of Albermarle militia  September 30, 1775 ∙Returns to Philadelphia for re-adjournment of Second Continental  Congress  Autumn 1775 ∙Loyalist raids on Virginia organized by Earl of Dunmore begin  January 20, 1776 ∙Thomas Paine publishes  Common Sense March 31, 1776 ∙Mother Jane Randolph Jefferson dies at age fifty-seven  May 14, 1776 ∙Returns to Philadelphia after five-month absence  May 15, 1776 ∙Congress resolves to form its own government  May 27, 1776 ∙Jefferson begins drafting a constitution for the state of Virginia 
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Unformatted text preview: June 7, 1776 ∙Richard Henry Lee introduces resolution to declare independence and form a confederation with foreign alliances June 11, 1776 ∙Jefferson appointed to committee to prepare Declaration of Independence June 20, 1776 ∙Jefferson appointed to another year's term in Congress June 28, 1776 ∙Declaration of Independence presented to Congress June 29, 1776 ∙ Virginia Convention accepts constitution and forms first state government July 2, 1776 ∙Congress approves resolution to declare independence July 4, 1776∙Congress accepts Declaration of Independence September 2, 1776 ∙Jefferson resigns from Congress due to wife's illness September 30, 1776 ∙Appointed to negotiate diplomatic treaties with France but declines due to wife's illness November 5, 1776 ∙Appointed to revise Virginia's existing laws in committee...
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