March 31 - September 2, 1776 Jefferson resigns from...

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March 31, 1776 ∙Mother Jane Randolph Jefferson dies at age fifty-seven  May 14, 1776 ∙Returns to Philadelphia after five-month absence  May 15, 1776 ∙Congress resolves to form its own government  May 27, 1776 ∙Jefferson begins drafting a constitution for the state of Virginia  June 7, 1776 ∙Richard Henry Lee introduces resolution to declare independence and  form a confederation with foreign alliances  June 11, 1776 ∙Jefferson appointed to committee to prepare Declaration of  Independence  June 20, 1776 ∙Jefferson appointed to another year's term in Congress  June 28, 1776 ∙Declaration of Independence presented to Congress  June 29, 1776 ∙ Virginia Convention accepts constitution and forms first state  government  July 2, 1776 ∙Congress approves resolution to declare independence  July 4, 1776∙Congress accepts Declaration of Independence 
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Unformatted text preview: September 2, 1776 Jefferson resigns from Congress due to wife's illness September 30, 1776 Appointed to negotiate diplomatic treaties with France but declines due to wife's illness November 5, 1776 Appointed to revise Virginia's existing laws in committee May 20, 1776 Leaves Virginia Assembly due to wife's illness May 28, 1776 Eldest son born unnamed and dies two weeks later October 30, 1776 Returns to Virginia Assembly August 1, 1778 Third daughter Maria Jefferson born February 1779 Together with James Madison, Edmund Pendleton and George Wythe, Jefferson finishes revisions of Virginia laws June 1, 1779 Jefferson elected governor of Virginia June 1780 Befriends young James Monroe November 3, 1780 Fourth daughter Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson born...
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