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Eventually - their ideological differences the first two...

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Eventually, Jefferson recovered and re-entered the world of politics. A brief legislative  stint was followed by a five-year tenure as minister to France. Based in Paris, Jefferson  engaged in a series of difficult negotiations, hoping to win diplomatic privileges for the  United States among several major powers. He was largely unsuccessful. To his benefit,  he soaked up the culture of Europe and had a liaison with an English artist named Maria  Cosway. Further, he played an incendiary, if minor, role in initiating the French  Revolution. Intending only to return for a sabbatical, Jefferson found himself detained in the United  States when President George Washington chose him as the first Secretary of State.  Jefferson served in this capacity for the duration of Washington s first term, but found  himself increasingly at odds with the Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Out of 
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Unformatted text preview: their ideological differences, the first two political parties emerged, with the Federalists supporting a strong national government behind Hamilton and the Democratic-Republicans supporting strong states rights behind Jefferson. Following another two year retirement at Monticello, Jefferson was thrust back into the political spotlight when he ran for President against the Federalist candidate John Adams. Suffering a narrow defeat, Jefferson assumed the role of Vice President, which he treated lightly and somewhat cavalierly. In opposition to the administration he served in, Jefferson secretly authored a treatise against the expanding powers of the federal government, later known as the Kentucky Resolutions...
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