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House of Burgesses - reserved the right to declare...

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House of Burgesses - ∙ The House of Burgesses was a legislative body established in  1619, for the purpose of granting a measure of autonomy to colonists in the  Commonwealth of Virginia. It was overseen by a royal governor and ultimately subject to  the power of Parliament and the British monarch.  Impeachment - ∙ Impeachment is an official measure of censure against a government  official, followed by an investigation that may or may not lead to removal from office.  Impressment - ∙ Impressment was the method by which the British navy would forcibly  remove deserters from American merchant ships and return them to service under  command of the crown. American sailors were also frequently subject to such  belligerence.  Judicial Review - ∙ Judicial review, established in 1803 per the terms of Chief Justice  John Marshall s  Marbury v. Madison  decision, set the precedent whereby the judiciary 
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Unformatted text preview: reserved the right to declare legislative measures unconstitutional and therefore void. Kentucky Resolutions - ∙ The Kentucky Resolutions, authored anonymously by Jefferson in 1799 out of opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts, advanced states rights and outlined the compact and nullification theories of government. Louisiana Territory - ∙ The Louisiana Territory, a vast tract of land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, was claimed for France in the seventeenth century. In the eighteenth century it was held briefly by Spain. During this period many Europeans settled amongst the several native tribes who previously occupied the land. Since 1803, the Louisiana Territory has belonged to the United States, and presently makes up over one-third of the country's total land mass....
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