November 3 - November 3, 1780 ∙Fourth daughter Lucy...

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Unformatted text preview: November 3, 1780 ∙Fourth daughter Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson born December 1780 ∙Virginia Assembly votes to cede northwestern holdings to United States January 5, 1781 ∙Capture of Benedict Arnold at Richmond April 15, 1781 ∙Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson dies in infancy June 2, 1781 ∙Second term as governor ends, Jefferson steps down from office June 4, 1781 ∙Narrowly escapes capture when British cavalry arrives at Monticello moments after his departure June 1781 ∙Lord Cornwallis occupies and lays waste to one of Jefferson's plantations June 30, 1781 ∙Jefferson falls from a horse and is incapacitated for six weeks October 19, 1781 ∙Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown brings end to fighting in Revolutionary War December 19, 1781 ∙Investigative committee in Virginia Assembly brings charges against Jefferson's record as governor; all accusations defeated and Jefferson cleared;...
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