November 26 - rumblings of protest against colonial rule...

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November 26, 1771 ∙ Moves into temporary quarters at Monticello while new estate is  completed  January 1, 1772 ∙ Marries Martha Wayles Skelton  September 27, 1772 ∙Eldest daughter Martha Washington Jefferson born at Monticello  March 12, 1773∙Earl of Dunmore dissolves the House of Burgesses after Jefferson calls  for more autonomous rule  May 16, 1773 ∙Dabney Carr dies, leaving six children to the Jefferson family  May 30, 1773 ∙John Wayles dies, leaving Jefferson considerable debts, lands, and  slaves  October 1773 ∙Jefferson appointed surveyor of Albermarle County  April 3, 1774 ∙Second daughter Jane Randolph Jefferson born at Monticello  May 26, 1774 ∙Earl of Dunmore dissolves House of Burgesses again after further 
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Unformatted text preview: rumblings of protest against colonial rule June 1, 1774 Day of fasting proclaimed throughout Virginia in protest over the terms of the Boston Port Act July 26, 1774Jefferson drafts Albermarle Resolutions, specifying format for First Virginia Convention August 1774Jefferson publishes A Summary View of the Rights of British America March 23, 1775 Patrick Henry delivers "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech at Second Virginia Convention March 29 1775 Named alternate to Second Continental Congress April 19, 1775 Revolutionary War begins with Battles of Lexington and Concord June 8, 1775 Earl of Dunmore flees Virginia, throwing British rule there into question...
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