October 1 - possessions November 26, 1771 Moves into...

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October 1, 1765 ∙ Eldest sister Jane dies at age twenty-five  May 1766 ∙Travels to New York, stopping at Annapolis and Philadelphia en route  February 12, 1767 ∙ Receives first legal fee after handling case in General Court of  Virginia  May 18, 1768 ∙Begins to clear land for construction of Monticello  April 3, 1769 ∙Accedes to House of Burgesses as representative of Albermarle County,  like his father before him  May 17, 1769 ∙The Baron de Botetourt dissolves the House of Burgesses after growing  dissent against royal policies  Summer 1769 ∙Begins to focus reading more exclusively on theories of government  February 1, 1770 ∙Shadwell estate burns, destroying most of Jefferson's documents and 
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Unformatted text preview: possessions November 26, 1771 Moves into temporary quarters at Monticello while new estate is completed January 1, 1772 Marries Martha Wayles Skelton September 27, 1772 Eldest daughter Martha Washington Jefferson born at Monticello March 12, 1773Earl of Dunmore dissolves the House of Burgesses after Jefferson calls for more autonomous rule May 16, 1773 Dabney Carr dies, leaving six children to the Jefferson family May 30, 1773 John Wayles dies, leaving Jefferson considerable debts, lands, and slaves October 1773 Jefferson appointed surveyor of Albermarle County...
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