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Unformatted text preview: John C. Calhoun - John C. Calhoun, a longtime Congressman from South Carolina, was a staunch advocate of states rights through nullification as outlined by Jefferson in the Kentucky Resolutions. After serving as vice president under Andrew Jackson, Calhoun returned to legislative office, where he continued to fight for southern interests against the increasing encroachment of the federal government. James Thompson Callender - James Thompson Callender was a muckraking journalist who impugned the character of John Adams during the presidential election campaign of 1800, and was summarily imprisoned under the terms of the Sedition Act. After being spurned for a desired appointment by Jefferson, Callender propagated rumors of Jefferson's affair with Sally Hemings in the national press. King Carlos IV - King Carlos IV of Spain reigned weakly as monarch from 1788-1808,...
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