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October 1773 - June 8 1775 ∙Earl of Dunmore flees...

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October 1773 ∙Jefferson appointed surveyor of Albermarle County  April 3, 1774 ∙Second daughter Jane Randolph Jefferson born at Monticello  May 26, 1774 ∙Earl of Dunmore dissolves House of Burgesses again after further  rumblings of protest against colonial rule  June 1, 1774 ∙Day of fasting proclaimed throughout Virginia in protest over the terms of  the Boston Port Act  July 26, 1774∙Jefferson drafts Albermarle Resolutions, specifying format for First Virginia  Convention  August 1774∙Jefferson publishes  A Summary View of the Rights of British America March 23, 1775 ∙ Patrick Henry delivers "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech at  Second Virginia Convention  March 29 1775 ∙Named alternate to Second Continental Congress  April 19, 1775 ∙Revolutionary War begins with Battles of Lexington and Concord 
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Unformatted text preview: June 8, 1775 ∙Earl of Dunmore flees Virginia, throwing British rule there into question June 11, 1775 ∙Jefferson leaves Willamsburg for Philadelphia to attend Second Continental Congress June 21, 1775 ∙Attends first session of Second Continental Congress June 26, 1775 ∙Contributes to adopted resolution "An Address on the Causes of Taking Up Arms" August 1775 ∙Congress adjourns; Jefferson returns to Virginia to attend convention there August 23, 1775∙King George III declares colonies to be in open rebellion against Great Britain September 1775 ∙Second daughter Jane Randolph Jefferson dies at age three September 26, 1775∙Appointed commander of Albermarle militia September 30, 1775 ∙Returns to Philadelphia for re-adjournment of Second Continental Congress...
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