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Kentucky Resolutions - Kentucky Resolutions ∙ The...

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Unformatted text preview: Kentucky Resolutions - ∙ The Kentucky Resolutions, authored anonymously by Jefferson in 1799 out of opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts, advanced states rights and outlined the compact and nullification theories of government. Louisiana Territory - ∙ The Louisiana Territory, a vast tract of land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, was claimed for France in the seventeenth century. In the eighteenth century it was held briefly by Spain. During this period many Europeans settled amongst the several native tribes who previously occupied the land. Since 1803, the Louisiana Territory has belonged to the United States, and presently makes up over one-third of the country's total land mass. Mandamus - ∙ Mandamus is a right of authority by a supreme court over a lower court. In the United States, such a right was initially established by the Judiciary Act of 1789,...
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