Secessionist Plots

Secessionist Plots - Secessionist Plots Various...

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Unformatted text preview: Secessionist Plots - Various secessionist plots sprung up during Jefferson's presidential administrations. Two regions proved especially vulnerable: the newly-acquired Louisiana Territory, which was briefly captivated by the master plan of Aaron Burr, and New England, which under lingering Federalist influence formed a rebellious faction known as the Essex Junto in objection to the woefully ineffective Embargo Act. Later, during the War of 1812, the idea of secession briefly resurfaced in New England. Ultimately, none of the plots amounted to a serious threat. Seven Years War - The Seven Years War was fought between 1755 and 1763, and involved a complicated web of alliances and adversaries in European and American theaters. The fighting that occurred in the American theater is often referred to as the French and Indian War. The big winners in the event were the British and the Prussians, French and Indian War....
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  • Townshend Acts, Virginia Convention, Various secessionist plots, woefully ineffective Embargo, lone Townshend Act, New England. Ultimately

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