Mercantile System

Mercantile System - Mercantile System ∙ The mercantile...

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Unformatted text preview: Mercantile System - ∙ The mercantile system is an arrangement by which an imperial power strips raw materials and profits from a colony, providing manufactured goods for sale in return. Thus, a system of dependency and exploitation is developed, fueling globalization through industrialization. Far from merely a seventeenth-century phenomenon, mercantilism, in altered form, is alive and well today. Monticello - ∙ Monticello, meaning "hillock," or "little mountain," in Italian, was the longtime homestead of Thomas Jefferson, built on the family estate at Shadwell in present-day Albermarle County, Virginia. Construction and renovation on Monticello occurred throughout Jefferson's lifetime, and today the building and grounds stand as a testament to his architectural and agricultural vision. Monticello was auctioned off upon Jefferson's death in 1826, and today is privately maintained as a national attraction by a...
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