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Summer 1769 - April 3 1774 ∙Second daughter Jane Randolph...

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Summer 1769 ∙Begins to focus reading more exclusively on theories of government  February 1, 1770 ∙Shadwell estate burns, destroying most of Jefferson's documents and  possessions  November 26, 1771 ∙ Moves into temporary quarters at Monticello while new estate is  completed  January 1, 1772 ∙ Marries Martha Wayles Skelton  September 27, 1772 ∙Eldest daughter Martha Washington Jefferson born at Monticello  March 12, 1773∙Earl of Dunmore dissolves the House of Burgesses after Jefferson calls  for more autonomous rule  May 16, 1773 ∙Dabney Carr dies, leaving six children to the Jefferson family  May 30, 1773 ∙John Wayles dies, leaving Jefferson considerable debts, lands, and  slaves  October 1773 ∙Jefferson appointed surveyor of Albermarle County 
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Unformatted text preview: April 3, 1774 ∙Second daughter Jane Randolph Jefferson born at Monticello May 26, 1774 ∙Earl of Dunmore dissolves House of Burgesses again after further rumblings of protest against colonial rule June 1, 1774 ∙Day of fasting proclaimed throughout Virginia in protest over the terms of the Boston Port Act July 26, 1774∙Jefferson drafts Albermarle Resolutions, specifying format for First Virginia Convention August 1774∙Jefferson publishes A Summary View of the Rights of British America March 23, 1775 ∙ Patrick Henry delivers "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech at Second Virginia Convention March 29 1775 ∙Named alternate to Second Continental Congress...
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