Albert Gallatin

Albert Gallatin - Albert Gallatin - Albert Gallatin, born...

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Unformatted text preview: Albert Gallatin - Albert Gallatin, born in Geneva, served as Secretary of Treasury under Jefferson and later under James Madison. His adept fiscal policies helped significantly reduce the national debt. He later served as minister to France during the administration of James Monroe. Gallatin was at times suspected of treason because of his foreign birth, which precluded him from a potential run at the Vice Presidency in 1824. Edmund Genet - Edmund Genet was French ambassador to the United States during the early 1790s, and conspired to reclaim Florida for France and Spain by recruiting Americans to enlist in combat against British forces. He eventually fell out of political favor with President Washington and was recalled, later claiming asylum in the United States and marrying a daughter of George Clinton. King George III - King George III served as monarch of Britain from 1760 until his death...
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