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Josiah Quincy - Jefferson who served as a longtime member...

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Josiah Quincy - Josiah Quincy was a longtime member of Congress from the  Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He was a staunch Federalist minority leader during  Jefferson's administrations, and a vocal opponent of the Embargo Act. He had a  tangential relation to the Essex Junto, propagators of a New England secessionist plot.  Later he served as president of Harvard University and was a founder of the Harvard  Law School.  Sir Walter Ralegh - Sir Walter Ralegh was by turns a court favorite and enemy of Queen  Elizabeth I. He made extensive explorations in North and South America, and was  imprisoned for various intrigues during the late sixteenth century. He was eventually  executed under the reign of King James I and VI of England and Scotland.  Peyton Randolph - Peyton Randolph, brother of John Randolph, was a cousin to 
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Unformatted text preview: Jefferson who served as a longtime member and later speaker of the House of Burgesses. Like John Hancock, he served tenures as president of the First and Second Continental Congresses, but died before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. John Randolph - John Randolph, brother of Peyton Randolph, was a cousin to Jefferson who remained a loyalist in the months leading up to the Revolutionary War, and eventually relocated to England in the interest of his own personal safety. Thomas Jefferson Randolph - Thomas Jefferson Randolph was the eldest son of Martha Washington Jefferson and Thomas Mann Randolph, and the eldest grandson of Jefferson. He was the designated primary heir to Jefferson's estate, but lost his birthright upon the lottery and auction of Jefferson's holdings that took place in 1827....
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