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Richard Henry Lee

Richard Henry Lee - integrity of the fragmented Union...

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Richard Henry Lee - Richard Henry Lee was a longtime member of the House of  Burgesses who played a key role in initiating the composition of the Declaration of  Independence at the Second Continental Congress. He later opposed the Constitution,  but was instrumental in establishing the Bill of Rights.  Meriwether Lewis - Meriwether Lewis was the Lewis part of Lewis and Clark, the two  men who made an extensive exploration of the Louisiana Territory under the guidance  of Sacajawea and the somewhat underhanded encouragement of Jefferson in the  aftermath of the Louisiana Purchase. He later became disillusioned with his role in the  territorial expansion and died an alcoholic on the western frontier in an apparent suicide.  Abraham Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States,  serving from 1861-1865. Extending his executive privilege at all costs to preserve the 
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Unformatted text preview: integrity of the fragmented Union, Lincoln issued the noted Emancipation Proclamation on New Year's Day, 1863. After being re- elected in 1864, Lincoln presided over the conclusion of the Civil War, only to be assassinated days later by Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth. Robert Livingston - Robert Livingston was a chief foreign minister during Jefferson's first administration. Alongside James Monroe and Charles Pinckney, he brokered the Louisiana Purchase for the United States together with Talleyrand and Napoleon Bonaparte of France. King Louis XIV - King Louis XIV, known as "the Sun King," reigned over France from 1643-1715. During his rule as absolute monarch, a series of costly European wars damaged France's economic prospects even as he lived in lavish court style in the newly erected palace at Versailles....
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