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Thomas Jefferson Randolph

Thomas Jefferson Randolph - Eisenhower Franklin Delano...

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Thomas Jefferson Randolph - Thomas Jefferson Randolph was the eldest son of  Martha Washington Jefferson and Thomas Mann Randolph, and the eldest grandson of  Jefferson. He was the designated primary heir to Jefferson's estate, but lost his  birthright upon the lottery and auction of Jefferson's holdings that took place in 1827.  Thomas Mann Randolph - Thomas Mann Randolph was married to Martha Washington  Jefferson at Monticello, shortly after her return from France in 1789. Although Jefferson  fully approved of the match, Randolph was constantly plagued by feelings of inadequacy  in his new family, and degenerated into alcoholism in later life.  Ronald Reagan - Ronald Reagan is the fortieth President of the United States, having  served from 1981-89. He was noted for his fiscally conservative brand of Republicanism,  and was the first President to serve two full consecutive terms since Dwight D. 
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Unformatted text preview: Eisenhower. Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the thirty-second President of the United States, serving from 1933-1945. He was a bastion of the Democratic Party, and was elected to office an unprecedented four times running. His liberal social policies and overarching government programs provided relief to many during the hardships caused by the Great Depression. Sacajawea - Sacajawea was a Shoshone native who guided Lewis and Clark in their western expedition through the Louisiana Territory beginning in 1804. She recently won newfound fame via her placement on the new dollar coins minted by the United States federal government. Bathurst Skelton - Bathurst Skelton was a lawyer and first husband to Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson. He died shortly after their marriage, leaving considerable holdings to his childless widow....
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