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ECE 132 HW #2 – Due Oct. 25, 2011 1) Streetman and Banerjee 4.2 2) Streetman and Banerjee 4.12 3) Streetman and Banerjee 4.14 4) N-type silicon with n 0 =4·10 16 cm -3 is excited with a pulse of light at t=0 which gives an excess carrier concentration of 1·10 14 EHP·cm -3 . a) Given the hole lifetime τ p = 1μs, give the expression for total hole concentration p(t). b) Find an expression for the hole quasi-fermi level relative to the valence band level, as
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Unformatted text preview: a function of time, i.e. give an expression [F P (t)-E V ]. Use equation 3-19 and your expression for total hole concentration p(t). c) What is the hole concentration after one hole lifetime (τ p ) has elapsed? d) What is F P-E V after one hole lifetime (τ p ) has elapsed?...
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