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F2011_ECE132_HW3 - 3 A silicon bar is doped uniformly such...

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ECE 132 HW #3 – Due Nov. 2, 2011 1) Streetman and Banerjee 5.7 2) An abrupt Si p-n junction has N a = 10 16 cm -3 on the p side and N d = 10 16 cm -3 on the other. a. Calculate the Fermi level positions at 300K in the n and p regions far away from the depletion region. b. Draw an equilibrium band diagram for the junction and determine the contact potential V o from the diagram. c. Compare the results from part (b) with V o calculated from Eq. 5-8.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) A silicon bar is doped uniformly such that N a = 10 14 cm-3 . One side of the sample is then doped with donors such that N d = 10 17 cm-3 . a. Using compensation, explain why this is a P-N junction. See the figure below b. What are the equilibrium carrier concentrations, n o and p o , far away from the depletion region on each side? c. Calculate V o , x no , x po , and W at 300K....
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