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ECE 132 HW #5 – Due Dec. 1, 2011 1. Use the linear expressions for current from lecture and the notes for the following (no need for the more exact hyperbolic functions in the book such as tanh and ctnh). a. Find the expression for the current I for the transistor connection shown if γ = 1. b. How does the current I divide between the base lead and the collector lead? 2. Streetman and Banerjee problem 7.7 3. Assume the base of a Si p -n-p transistor is doped with 10 16 cm -3 donors and the collector with 10 15 cm -3 acceptors. Find the width of the depletion region on the base side of the collector junction for
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Unformatted text preview: V CB = -2 V and -10 V . If the base width at equilibrium is 1 μm , comment on the Early effect for this device. 4. A Si p-n-p transistor has the following properties at room temperature: τ p = τ n = 0.1 μs D p = D n = 10 cm 2 / s L p = L n = 10 μm N E = 10 19 cm-3 N B = 10 16 cm-3 N C = 10 16 cm-3 W = metallurgical base width = 1.5 μm = distance from base-emitter junction to base-collector junction A = cross-sectional area = 10-5 cm 2 Calculate the neutral base width W B for V CB = 0 V and V EB = 0.6 V . Using this value, calculate γ, α T , α = γα T , and β ....
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