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ECE 132 Quiz 1 October 6, 2010 Name For carbon in a periodic structure, special effects occur to the energy levels. One of these is hybridization, where the valence band is shifted to a Sp3bonding state. Given the electron configuration of C6in the atom/crystal and the diagram of a carbon periodic structure in a Coulombic potential: C6 in the crystal: (ls}2+4sp3 1) Draw the energy levels of atoms in the crystal.
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Unformatted text preview: 2} The broadening of the energy levels should reflect what? P€r'+W-j,C>~I-""5 ~ +0 c;--ttw c,-F.-s. ,/\ csy_sA-< I. Uf-e d 01 OJ~ q f<>.,,- oS be:'j S rU'0k {l~ C I o~-f"-1'3 3} Draw and label the valence band in the diagram. 4} Are there levels above the valence band? Ye5 5} If so, draw them schematically.-------c c £. IS c...
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