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Cell Structure and Function BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 101 Cell Structure and Function Lab Teaching Script The subject of study for this week's lab is cell structure and function and the physical processes of living organisms. First, read over the objectives on page2. In the l940's and early 1950's, the cell was regarded simply as an unorganized "bag of enzymes". At that time, most of the known cellular reactions could be duplicated with isolated enzymes and substrates. Later, when more sophisticated biochemical techniques were developed to study mitochondria and chloroplasts, it became clear that certain reactions in the living cell could only be studied if there were intact membranes. Often the disruption of membrane structure completely inhibited €n4rme activity. At about this time, the electron microscope revealed the abundance of membranes in the cell and it was proposed that cellular functions are organized on a framework of internal membranes Realizing the imporance of membnanes, scientists concentrated their research on
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