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MBB 222Tutorial Problem Set #7: (Chapters 24 and26) (The week of July I gth, 20 I 0) l) Briefly describe these: heterochromatin: a-tyfu fh*eL -fw" t ate euchromatin: a.Aqh{ y^fui F^ t ghld'fiO,; tWr RM^a.{ PMh) b) gtrosphorylation of Ser c) methylation of Arg o?:{'o-' "{Y'rt'il -E2r,_b=_, &o- t*Lu l4,h l'/.1 G-rich tel
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Unformatted text preview: c sequences of eukaryotic chromosomes terminate overhang that can fold up on itself to form a four-stranded structure. In guanine residues assume a hydrogen-bonded planar arrangement. a) Draw the complete structure of "G quartet", including the H-bonds between the purine bases. .-H tt'--H...
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