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:r,j" Hy ryl*,ft 10) The following nucleotide sequence encodes the gene for a pilin protein, TcpA(highlighted in grey), plus its flanking sequence from the Vibrio cholerae bacterial chromosome. Only the coding strand is shown. a) Design a forward und r"u"rr{2dnr,rcleotide primer to PCR-amplify only the gene encoding TcpA. Write both p\:ifrers in the 5'-3' direction. 11287 L] 347 71 407 71 46r 7't 521 17581 !1 64r 7't'7 07 711 67 7"7 B2I 17881 I1 947 18001 18061 TBT2I 18181 gtggttaaat ttaaaacaca tgataattta ataataattt grcccatggiaa a gtgcgtattg ctttcttttflctttaaaaaa ggaccaagca atgcatttcc
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Unformatted text preview: aat.ggrggag ttarataaad kd A -e]Haamcaqd tt#Haaqeaq ac accattatct attaalcta aaagtgatat F t' ar qcA^T1AT TAA AA.--A G,cI )' cidt*al1 F#@ t'T hkclg t rlbh-T hh c'A qrT + D J' I 3' Ff CEN h AA Lc ftTf 6T c 4AT T &' -) K yt :.rr,ACret-r-r fiL.AftA+ qLln! (b) Draw a schematic (i.e. lines only) for amplification of this gene from the V. cholerae chromosome through three PCR cycles. q tattaaaaaa ataaaaaaac acagcaaaaa atgatatctg tcaattgcag gtgactttgt caatatgaqa aaataccaac aaggtgtcgg attattggag gcgattttgg cctctgccgt...
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