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TTAGGG sequences can by TTA loops. b) Show schemat fold to generate a ically how a single strand structure with three stacked @ of four repeating G ouartets linked '.flt \"l-fr a: --4^ t lR -rl ,\r[ fr+** ^A c) Telomerase is an enzyme that maintains the length and sequence of telomeres. Explain whytelomefaSeSareconsidered. .cellularreversetranscripta'"',,? lel,rne'rre. e^zgrrua o"rb'W an RM ryW. Qfxd^ht e v fr4hrL thts R,r\A acxs e) ^ -&/^,f l* t* t,fu\ l Tx ,r,y "tu ar,l ,l ' ,- - "' -%ls +tknQrr.a. , . 5) Explain why nuclease digestion of I I nm chromatin filaments produces nucleosome core b"tS /lSparticies with only 146 Up. Whv does hish sall concent'ariotlreleaie the DNA fqom the core ' his"n"*wh].,#ffiwwMM;n (e th^rp'* *WfN ^"t*r'd, +lu r-bl vaag =t ,N,fi /,vr1,;,\ wbbp -eJe't b wwffd ^r^r'd, +h hih,% k n+ *J n%;L ?
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Unformatted text preview: w^ttry -.1P M ffiI ,m banuuort,+l* oo,ra Wob4 iS p.ot ytwV*"4 tnvu*\w+-1lu W ha'wrrol ryo&iv\ .1 cLiq*nt lq , ggn{( nurjep>s,S. 'J 5) Explain the chrtdmatin foifn in eacfr of the three levels of DNA packaging. Why is DNA not ,6.lrl'v l-^ rrttanscribed or replicated in the metaphase chromosome? "W ( Nb*rN LWt^rJ a,.o,^,,tt^- ,_, .>, Ff"* (*t w+,lrSO v^cluuh $"jWQ fu. ?g,ry!V- :tu$nil> io J"M-trF4 r&* wte\ ^ v,retuplue atq,vr^s"'^! k hill'|3 (qxo+ul,-W, VJ il,+r^r,+m W?%^ "g*^r* lur*t,rg, *d* ), nn JrW ih<!4a4t1 w'oh q fi\A gfr("td ( ,;,fu lc'ny t'"sp t "* ttt*rr be,o,,rw .6dA 4k) C>nret&\n d^r^,^tlo'( = -.-/oohn tr.'A it iaacrariW 'A w(c*uln wrJ -+rwrs:*iytt^wt ,l* th *k 44 -Pry{ 'vytpWl6p tAtwtylr[a*t , (n (wnrrot, W- lerdlU{lof qa -Vrry\t/rlnqd w,rYn @;$,dryY!*'ry o,yE...
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