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rs i, ; T":#" / 8) RNA synthesis is much less 6cctir Hiffi rSTg*"Tr* ,ytrilft ' -' l/- q' --'w \ Ftn- &lre:urr*4 *baz_p--nft, bon y* ;W, * , M-d ,nNA wv^et/tel 6,r{ "td-+r, *; w , M1 ?*rnr in 4 r(Jel l.arvVrde,rrlt, ,,'U tuol I," wh\ ;*tl +,i,*r^ ,l Nn vtth- ? ^-of .* ,/,^tru a!r,e:)v?trryU;4^W*y't%) J9) Explain why th% adenosi#derivative cordycepin inhibits RNA synth.rir. & ln0trte6l ha' ' Dl.4 -) ?/r+or7, [email protected] LP , t//^s"r frrntlr*ltaQd I ;t ;s ,,vx01 U1 T* *;4" irtin4t4 RM?fone,'ouw as,*bsora*n-r
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Unformatted text preview: 1Y=*T ,^'rl W/KS fr$'I"r LM *o-"* "T4"/ yry^rrrt+^*' hun tq it tryks K?, t;{ ,ol1 qrtuD. A o' l, I Cordycepin (3Ldeoxliadenosine) 10) Compare and contrast rho-dependent (RDT) and rho-independent termination (RIT) of 'r+*:iw::;ih ww^ab6 Nq ) hh"- qmi,"*w L KDf )-fuc-rbh ry,tuJ- cA -nVh A/-* cr-qt )-flb,/&t A AAftrt Ahca,u.-hnru^r-io il- g"oyn cyl M!o(A%- l*;r?h s+mct*s a,tn',tB wr'vh 1gM fuVoa \h">t cthtt prfr s r"[" \il.n\rr; *rp "rvt ,tX n Tta * ol,iS1rc/Iau R^/ -nA tu p**l-...
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