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leozl / tt MBB Z22Tutorial Problem Set #8: (Chapters 26 and28) (fhe week of July 26th, 2010) l) For the mRNA sequences listed below, write out the DNA duplex that encodes for them and label the coding and the template strands. Note: the convintion is that the coding strand is written as the top strand in the 5'-3' direction. The complement to that strand is written below the coding strand in the 3'-5' direction. a) 5'UUAAUAUGUGCUACWCGAACACUGUCCCA./AAGGUUAGUAAUU3'
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Unformatted text preview: - 3, A AT:. AT A c A Cq A1 G *A dC-rT Cfi 6ACA Ct'rtT| I CC &-f CA T-r *A J t, sw'u' 84 bl Tt A+t nt h1 ept *cTf th t4c Ac-ra7 lLLftMrrh11 MTT 3' crtlj sfrtd b) 5'-AUGGCWAUGACCGCAUGAUC-3', - [ dt *AIeAcTr [email protected]$ATC-3' "*CE er^/, t- V cc& 44 rA cTcrtc qr Ac-r&?-t 4,/-u st".*I f..b +ra,nlw(w WL44) c) inactivating mutations in the lacl gene. gil/';+/n 9 ?-...
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