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La(A/tl 6) As described in lecture, bacterial cells can take up the amino acid tryptophan from their surroundings or, if it is unavailable, they can synthesize fiyptophan from small molecules. The 4p repressor inhibits transcription of the genes in the trp operon, which pqlgg__ltor enzymes Jequired fo].synthesir of thrr u-irq *id.ipon bindinE-trylGhen, tm g questions concerning regulation ofthe operon. 4..f /z W "";-ffiW"WV!*,. )[email protected],k\,wfut1'v nfusor dlrct s au%t .f erw rubnorae- e fuo_p,o,ruev 7 - 7y r+-- ,/ , u' srrslrrq-ar ( are&n a b) What would you expect to happen to initiation of transcription of the operon in cells Vy,"%* that express a mutant form of the-tryptophan repressor that: (i) cannot bind to operator V^Y- - QM;or(ii)bindstooperatorDNA,evenwhen,,ot,yptoffi-oF.,o,:ar) [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: il @,SV"rtt ao'l9apa* M +*a,ax,n-igt ton . 7) Compare prokaryotic and eukaryotic gene expression with respect to: lectl / t*tZ a) Degree of coupling of transcription and translation. r' ?*tt tl,) b) Number ofgene products on a primary transcript. Pta: fly t ' ->tu .p,1 yr^o{^,C+ 2 2u: lnpfl,o Lo^o W)qu pdnX 2 c) Processing of mRNA. Pro, ert; h"KIh P,ahud -) fqilool { f'r+aZ4-) (rtt (, . gW^t ,t ril^d ) lg-1/ t+, 8) List the three types of eukaryotic RNA polymerases and the types of genes they transcribe. leZ Oo / t . rn/ruun p*r{^'"d 6rte 7e.al-. t *rfi4 =/p!5 " Pr%'atry R't* v rPxA ) _\ / r-J rQna *1 aar/At FNA7 L +trnyibea pMpy R|VaP t_ btr'.J W tJ* ie'nl E +'latsuat a,./,PT ryniluito5 rn^'q Jr a_ mFM +R/. .€^, SSR^A '| gn% h4 RNA...
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