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MIDTERMEXAMII FnsrNevre * SruorNrNo. =nE- MARK: &-26 /50 605 " Instructions: Read the questions carefully Answer the questions in the space provided Exams written in pencil are not eligible for re-grading Time = 50 minutes Total: 50 marks (20% of frnal grade) SrcrroN I: True or false - circle one (5 marks, 1 mark each) 1) Dideoxy terminators are nucleotides that lack a 2' OH group of the deoxyribose Molecule and as such cannot form phosphodiester bonds with the 5' phosphate goup of the incoming nucieotide. 2) To clone donor DNA, the DNA must be double-stranded. DNA molecules, because they have an overall negative charge along their backbone, move toward the anode in electrophoresis. Observed mutation rates are normally higher than true mutation rates. The origin of replication is also known as the replication fork. Sncrrox II: Fill in the blanks with one appropriate word/symbol. unless otherwise noted (5 marks, 1/2 mark each)
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Unformatted text preview: l/BB 222 10-3 INsrRucroR: Dr. Tarailo-Graovac LesrNeup -0'&4Wc'4',\ I 6) Viruses are mobile genetic elements which possesS CIAL ; these allow the- viral genome packs the July 12th,2010 a o a O a 3) 4) s) a one.hosr cell to anoJher hosr cell. Viral inr'ection of host cells occurs eit6 bv lpffiwith the host a/'1, nen$ratt* 4followed by entry of the entire.particle, or ay \nisc|;+oh of ttt. ge;tig;aterial into the ffiteriophage, carries out UAL-jif. "y.1. ffi rttana nN1virus. particles must .rhql!-"qll.The T{ bacteriophage, carries llltlo Klife cycle. Minus strand RNA virus particles must fU$"fr?Airi' viral2<brotein as well as their geiomes. The HIV.virus, is a lrintef which specifically \infects.lmnl^;qu''tit.T4bacteriophage,HIVcarriesoutW-WE.TheHIVvirus,in @@x @o,. [email protected])r r*"@' @,@>= move from allows it to generate dsDNA that is Page 1 3/to then integrated into the host genome....
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