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q Cell Structure and Function then took these membranes, dissolved them in lipid solvents, and poured the lipid solution as a layer one molecule thick over water. They re-measured the lipid surface area of this one molecule thick layer. The values they obtained are shown in this able. Don't be concerned with the large differences in surface areas between animals - different volumes of blood were used to exfiact the membrane lipids. Study the table and answer questions I and2. It is apparent that the one molecule thick layer of lipid has a surface area that is approximately twice that of the cell membrane surface area. This suggests that the cell membrane is made up of two layers of lipids. Turn to page 10. There is water inside and outside cells in the body of organisms. If the cell membrane has rwo layers of phospholipid, how do you think the two layers would be arranged? The three possibilities are shown on page 10.
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