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MIDTERM EXAM II = July 12tr,2CIlo ryt -\IBB 222 t0-_1 IxsrRucroR: Dr. Tarailo-Graovac Srcrtox fV: Problems (Total 25 marks) 22) A secondary structure of a DNA and DNA replication (10 marks). Consider the follouing strand of a double-helical DNA, which is a part of a much longer molecule in E t. colr. s, - c c c-c-\l TAT TT C TCALL{TA]I G C G C -3' I , -___-i__ ___- al \\-rire rhe ba:e sequence of the complementary strand. (l mark) /,, ,. tt,gq:T4r444 g aart;1 hl tAc-q a&-/, i '(() ) ) b, \\-rire rhe nR\A sequence for the coding stranri. (t mait<; 5 -G LGchAuAl J) C 0 cAhAAt) AuVQcGL_ 3'( 1 ) c ' Ir tle proilmera<e stans replicating this sesment (double-stranded DNA) from the left, draw the moiecule $iel the D\-{ pollmera:e is halfrvay along this segment and clearly depict leading
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Unformatted text preview: and l€gng strands. (3 marks) ) i ? ) , S'\A^ -,'--t' \ (ffitr seedr;'-^r"::c4o^ l' t - \ c "'"tffi:ry", n c h AkA r A rT hcG c- 3, r/t -*J r r;-'rZffi &S^"'V Q rr n Ar +A L q L h 3' d) \ame te ei:-r.:::s rha: pla'. ':e :;--:. ...:-_: ::ll. ;- D\-{ t:-:es:. . ,2 marksl t i , ',:-'.'.:::ts --: D\A: tii,la;.'s dr-a\lr = P-\-{ E:-^=3:. #+i;ar;1a l}n'*t. -,::: :ig:s--*. =: R\-i ::i:-3: =: :--=-cs :: ir;;. D\-t: . prvf, H$t?rrtt i:vl !;g313-q the gap bgn'een tbe C&azaki rregnp'n: LortL ,/ J t' el \\hat is the p-clamp and rrtar is ir*r iuncron i_n E. coli ceils.- , I marli; lr (), P"/^^01"y-. T,ns*or,'d|inlve"l i & ( Ct, /' firwkn -l' g) Does this DNA have the potential to form any alternative secdndfi-sfrctures? If yes, draw the...
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