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MIDTERM EXAM II ' : i;:. Tarailo-Graovac -,::.-:--:- enz\mes (10 marks). . .-.: ;ec.-Enition and cut sites of six type II restriction enzymes are shown below: . i,pi;i. - GGTAC\C : 2) SacI: GAGCT\C : ' Sma I: CCC\GGG 4) EcoRI: G/AATTC 5) Altil: AG/CT 6) NotI: GCiGGCCGC a) Which of the above enzymes will generate fragments with blunt ends? (1 mark) '/ I / and t- ' b) Which of the above enzymes would generate products with 5' overhangs? (1 mark) + ^u bt t/ c) Which of th6 above enzymes would generate products with 3' overhangs? (1 mark) Jul\' i- 'and which will cut a DNA most I tand ---7 d) Which of the above enzymes will cut a DNA least frequentl frequently -f ? (1 mark) lokb 9kb 8kb 7kb 6kb 5kb 4kb 3kb 2kb lkb v{ A 10kb linear fragment of DNA is cleaved with the individual restriction enzymes NorI
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Unformatted text preview: and AltI and then with a combination of the two enzymes. The fragments obtained are shown in the gel below: lvrariier tyotr Ahtt Ii,li ''oitj{l't "ro^, {:1t t-l t-l r-1 r-r r_:= r-1 r-t 3, Drau-a restriction map for r\brl and .1.:r\. ('2 marks't n{"r t'h,l Ez"nf i Tie n::r:.::e of tiaements produced b1'a combined digest rvithtVorl and,4lulis cleaved sith l:: e:lz\.me fcoRl. (lane 5 on the gel). N{ark the EcoRI cleavage site on the restriction map. (l mar}is g) \4ark the bands ) ou expect to see on the gel if the same DNA .',vas cleaved u'irh fcoRl aione r i.: . : and fhen u'ith a comhination oi Fc,rRI and MotT (iane 7). (2 marks)...
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