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MBB 222 t0-3 MIDTERM EXAM II July 12ft,2010 INsrn ucroR: Dr. Tarailo-Graovac 24) Primary structure of DNA (5 marks). a) Draw the chemical structure of a single stranded DNA molecule that is consisting of the sequence: 5'-TGA-3'. (4 marks) T ) tll,tftWdrL , ,, ,+ PHd {#y4usil^'h*t <> 0- ir'I ) G,X: \__l 0 I /g OH )' nucfwsiok b lu^n b)Labelonephosphodiesterbondandoneglycosidicbond.(ry''
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Unformatted text preview: r marfiJ J[ t I U/ _-/2 ), Boxus euESTIoN: DNA sequencing by the Sanger method (2 marks) 7'bt . From the gel below, write the sequence of the DNA molecule that u'as sequenced using the Sanger sequencing method. AC6T *rtorr€ogrrnd franetor*ge c,/ '2-o l Sg AAoqtgh+ffirrAq es, '/-"-/...
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