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M.BB 222 Tutorial Problem Set #1: (Chapters 1 and 2) (The week of May I7Ih, 2010) 1) Rank the following molecules from most polar to least polar, and explain your choice. (a) NH:*-CHz-COO (b) ccl+ (c) NHr*-CHz-CHz-CHz-COO- (d) HzS (v'a*?ow fu le*xptn q .t tr,luq rrre {"{ *U) @ L7A>cl ,b w(ry (e) J SLrr :; fa.ntify ALL hydrogen bond u. ..O,orHnidoffF*roups in the following molecules. W sLrA\ bax sJ^/Ae-
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Unformatted text preview: ('IIr o l=T'Y' OA- L wr tyw e&|,,+'W (.^9- o-$a 2) Rank tn9?otlowing molecules fiom most soluble to least soluble in water,.and explain your choice. rr t Jt *rJ*flL(rW-cuL'E *Y'-' :w'#:'ffl' t INH.' / .=-*-'ol (a) cH; - cH: - ?uU (b) L nr- \ - i\r O ll-'n (c) cH:-cH:-cH. ',y @ (d) .F-t'-nf I t^ c'H.- c'H.-('-.H I V v o l,-ltpcrlantt 6AF--2t' &\t{fmtilautidt...
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