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o. 7) Write the conjugate base for tbe following acids: ', (a) HCzOq- Crfiu- (b) HSot 347 . (c) H2POa- HP0r2- (d) HCO| (t v- (e) HPoar- pfu,, 8) The H2PO4-/HPO+2- buffer system has a pKu of 6.8. What is the ratio of monohydrogen phosphate to dihydrogen phosphate in the T* "lpH : 4.8? pH= ph t bJ + ,l ^\ rf| J 49= 6-E + (i I 4o-o- o-oS url o.a [_ =) -rrffi = _r Cintj - lil: / o'ol stock solution of 2.0 M KH2PO4. The solution is diluted to a final volume of 200 mL. What n ( F t+'f'h) >) LVvH W) Tbt+w) is the final pH ofthe solution? Yl Tk ilPAD -- €" 2.o,n{L )< 3rarr,-t1. t -o ,*{r/L lF),,c-\
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Unformatted text preview: tJl L = d+n ct o.l ,*.( = c$-{ a.og-rzno{ C o,Wnz'l rcH= dq+q ffi = /'e + Qz =.zt4 DrnJ fi,A)-- I M y o'l L = o. I rn"l . :) f-A-J-e CIta) '- + DA:J: o'og tyr,L WA) -o'o2moL l0)'Acompoundhas apKaof 7.4.To l00mLof a l.0Msoluti,onofthiscompoundatgHg.0is added 30 mL of 1.0 M hydrochloric acid. What is the pH of the resulting solution? - -(Lehninger, p.69 question 16) PH= Pka: bl# 9=z-v+ fi+ vrl't t= 7v+WH, DA3 = o-o{n L' o',) wl -- o"o5 rr"L CUnl --o.a>,rr"l + o-.) rcL -- o -"5 hl :1trA') CHN frld o.o)nd" rtl ?H-Wr Y#, = 7.Q,t ry t...
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