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{ urp'Iv auuu'L'rs'rv\- W :ly,:trffiffi#U b) what can you conclude about the substrate specificity of th , g,n o ,W w,o: ^d'ildwr' c) Most of the c'ce-uoding enzymes consist of a single polymerase domain, but in one ,p".i", of bacteria, the enlyme has two polymerase domains' Explain how this CCA- adding erzYme oPerates? ^ . I ft4 gtor"&lh ,"A6 4n1 'f,a)'s O Ya$tci.*oA 1trt tdw "{or,nA,\ tddy +[e -wnilnrt fi YacL"q - r "n Ar 9) The affinity of a ribosome for a IRNA in the P site is about 50 times higher than for a tRNA in -tAT\ the A site. exptain why this promotes translational accuracl' nls,w I da {RM aauc,cL'a i, S Nq*Y +'i"'NA ,* ,'r * r-t h l**t ) 6xn4a^d +hL -tRM *\It or,'uoda*L - -#:M %-v"/k) g) A IRNA molecule cannot be aminoacylated unless it b_e1s a 3' ccA sequence' Many IRNA pi*rro." are synthesized without this sequence' so a CCA-adding enzyme must
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Unformatted text preview: ffif0 the ihree nucleotides to the 3' end of the immature tRNA molecule. a) The CCA-adding enzyme does not require a polynucleotide template' What does this imply about the mechanism for adding the CCA sequence?-^-r,t ^.t ''f,-' j. 4,I*'o'z^a"z 'td9l{ bt^'P 4' ry: 10) A ,.nonsense suppressor" mutation results from a mutation in a tRNA antlsodon sequense so that ttre tRN can pairrryjrh-a-slg co*on (also called " ":T:T:::1":tl'- --^+-i-*ocic in t,.e ; ryonProteinsYnthesisinthe cell? (+i+a= * *f col-'-) \P^^{ % f**'i^ ^ b) Would this mutation affect all of the cell's proteins? t A<;<z ) c) Could tft. uliiito'ifrt-tkNe synthetase that aminoacylates th.e-no.nmutdg4lBNd Play a th ^U*f^ +le .ilk ';+A fl'!- r,w'1&-lort i^-? +Ata EL04E|2m I-) nwbAnl *RrrA I v rgt ar| A^ I {, t l- 7nu-hh'w i+n"'n anic{/^/l...
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