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MBB 222Tutorial Problem Set #3: (Chapters 3' 5 and 6) (The week of June r'h, zOlOl 1) Inhibition of carbonic anhydrase by acetazolamide: Carbonic anhydrase is an enzyme strongly inhibited by the drug acetazolamide, which is a diuretic (increases the production of urine) and is used to treat glaucoma (reduces excessively high pressure within the eyeball). Carbonic anhydrase plays an important role in these and other secretory processes, because it participates in regulating the pH and bicarbonate contents of a number of body fluids. The experimental curve of reaction velocity (siven here as the percentage of Vmax) versus [S] for the carbonic anhydrase reaction, is illustrated in the figure (upper curve). +--4 When the experiment is repeated in the presence of acetazolamide, the lower curve is obtained. From an inspection of the curves and your knowledge of the kinetic properties of inhibitors, determine the nature of the inhibition by acetazolamide and justify your answer (i.e.
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Unformatted text preview: information does the graph provide and what can you conclude from this information?) frux obqee,A Y'/n dnort fi* ol#lL t/rrn.a,,Vwb t^l**>a q 4ne75;I[ J*Jfrh %-E+? 1 a J} ESL Ets +1 a Et+ 5 fur, hr"We"l s*b>t*tt- ca,Awt ov/yto\A^[email protected] fehu7 ilrhib+q. fttrn( oJ oa o*t;p ^Ar, b - 2/et4re,/ rhyex 2)?.) Listthree kev feu . (i.e. amino acid residues or otherproperties) of the active site of | .,t I .^. ^. )^J chvmotrvnsin that are very imoortant for catalvsis or enzvme specificitv. - Ml -C - 41-Nffi rcata'Ivsis"bw"ffi;;" r,40\w;q, DW.d> lqtnVl*Vt" Pfiu g "[email protected] Stu.ry briefly describe the specific role of one of these features. His,.fl , ntt6 tus ^ o fu, nAfisU' e*Wg a protn fr- se,r1t- aH i r/\€- vl.t"'. 714 Prh*s o- rtlttivrz *fu(rh'ox;o(1- ,i*t,' tttbA Ib L ,*.A ,c+*",taty-i or-- h{ryh C=o t /.^t o *nf,iy* i Y:^* ,,1'LY t'^'u/e-PL;t< " "Asp/o2, pt*q ^futt , ei*tv'J * ruJ+y p*% cfu,rat aorT I a a bs 3 \'.1 t-\ o Yp^z < \-r00 6 tst ,... rl_ 'i:....
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