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J-S W;,"U#:i"*t" ;;, ;^ W" Nm ^p:mf ^irr| +o fttti qy@ "-rr,Ii, . frfi-f ,t --- 1 | r'.'' i4 rr'qy l,"bSt,t+1, +o Cpn) 'n b* C?4t frWfrut qualitati# effects (increKdor decrease) would you expect each of the following to have *),s_ ryn Itrd t You are t ying to determine Km by measuring the reaction velocityj at different concentrations, but you do not realize that the substrate tends to ptrdpildlg under the experimental
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Unformatted text preview: pnditions you have chosen. How would this affect your measuTFF:f KT? _f,., on the 02 affinity of hemoglobin and myoglobin?. a.) Decrease in blood pH from 7 .4 to 7 .2. ho'r'tylnbin J wyJogbbh b.) A significant increase in the partial pressure of COz in the blood. brnyrrin J wf,t'"blh ,\ o-. . c.) Dissociition into monome, pol.roipiide chains . e her2uh'h - > wln6t t'a , lrt 4iry lw7tn6ra +l ftoqhh' il],,:...
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