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- tlg hn d slnilal, q'bi'/+ ta'a: "?1efituo"t :hu k W N 3M4h 6l *W I.4:frlgl q'/ 4'h4'( az t>/fit?h [email protected] "U 9r-h4t * r,nt fi o,v',a+)e., g ,"mAl dd^ar bilhl. W af W ,lure l-l }rb,l"ltt lat o, t;,ty', 1 v m/ene-,^4,U N bph hut M htd ,*ll q n*l fq rolohin hinds to oxvsen with a lower affiniw than mvoglobin does."Whv v 7) Hemoglobin binds to oxygen with a lower affinity than myoglobin does."Why wouldn't hemoglobin be a more effective oxygen carrier if it just had a higher affiniw for oxvsen. *fl*a glfar| r,"".,nrjf1fi,tfr. ff,run'".i. srryctr*e? a,:(/e, or\tru ; rlrdY,w''"b'Y.^2^ryXru^. .*) , i 7,Tt-n z*x ntt,) +,N s<^a4 t &rr!d^ 0>6ttrot., ffi4, - ?' f'n*?' m'-* . ^ ):T(:':,":,: M, :yH,"^ ""m ffi.W, through an SDS p"tv;#'frff' uryr. .av( ^n "Lxo( ^,t *,,ffi f,r,,? +J,, da',q,n /ci /@&Sf z st&tt/,w;,,' v n o ", -! ,sotl p*;u o,4- l-,e ttfu a W * aastl,lkpr p*wrs', fu *lfu*& N Nt' +tg t*trfie2 nn W'elq b.) What makes pYofeins run in thq,direction they do in column chromatography and SDS-PAGE? 6/^1,/t
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